1. What is Now in Seoul ( N.I.S ) ?

Now in Seoul is an online platform whose mission is to represent and promote all Korean brands and products that wish to export and have visibility on international markets, B2C and B2B.

2. Who are N.I.S customers ?

People and company’s interested in Korean products.

3. What are the profile of N.I.S partners ?

They are all Korean brands and sellers who interested in the international markets.

4. How to become a partner of Now in Seoul ?

Contact NIS team to receive the presentation and the partnership contract and apply as a brand and product partner.

5. How to know if my application as a N.I.S partner has been approved?

If you are compliant to NIS partner conditions, you will be contacted by NIS and receive a sign up invitation to register as a partner and upload your products in the platform.

6. What are the criterias to be a N.I.S brand or vendor partner ?

Be compliant with N.I.S contract conditions and be a Korean product brand or vendor.

7. How does N.I.S promote its partners products ?

With a dynamic communication through all N.I.S social networks and platforms.

8. How to improve your products visibility and promotion on N.I.S website ?

By applying to N.I.S additional promotional advertising services like website banners, promotional video, etc.. .you can improve your products visibility and promotion on N.I.S website.

9. What is important as being a N.I.S partners ?

Respecting N.I.S contract conditions, have a good product quality and good customer service quality because through N.I.S we are selling the know-how, quality and expertise of Korea.

10. What about the payment of my orders in N.I.S?

Your payment is made to N.I.S team and the shipment of the orders is directly managed by NIS Team.

11. How to recover your N.I.S Login and password ?

Click on the button “forget password” when you try to login. You will receive all instruction by email.

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NowInSeoul is an Online Shopping Platform for Trending Korean Products
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